Sunday, August 7, 2011

It looks like the tomato is becoming more embarrassed about the big schnoz each day as the blush continues to grow. I wonder if the grandkids could eat such a tomato with a big schnoz. It won't be long now as each day it looks more and more like a meal.

Monday, June 21, 2010

April, May and June at the Tolman's

Kyler had surgery and is doing well. However his pain meds make him a little more out-going and a little goofier than usual. Even when he was coming out from under the anesthetic he had his fun sense of humor. Aimee was there when he came out and she asked him who his favorite aunt was. In his drowsy semi-consciousness he said, "Aunt Aimee is. No. Aunt Holly is." and then he started laughing thinking he had really pulled one over on Aimee. However, he changed his mind (at least for a little while) when he found out that Aimee and Ashlee had brought him some get well presents.
We had Maggie for a few days while Kyler was in the hospital. She was grandma's shadow every second of every day. It was fun even though she got a little home sick.

Nora enjoyed a nap and some yogut.

We went to Portland in March for Anna's blessing. Zane wanted to go to the beach but we all ended up with stomach flu. So Ron and I made another trip up to Portland in June so we could take Zane to the beach. Actually, Ron had meetings in northern Idaho so we decided to take a road trip through parts of Washington state that we had never seen before and then we dropped down to Portland and spent a few days.

Kyler was having fun here even though it was raining. He thought it was pretty great to get around without his crutches or walker

Holly, Zane, Nora and Anna came in May for a few days. It was fun to see the grandchildren.

Even though Dad turned 90 years old in January we didn't get around to celebrating it until April. He doesn't look 90. He still gets around pretty good. He has learned how to make his favorite dessert which is cherry cheesecake and he enjoys eating it all himself. To celebrate turning 90 he went sky diving again.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trip to Portland

Add ImageRon, Sue and Mom Tolman went for a quick trip to Portland to see Holly and be with them as they blessed the new arrival (Anna). While there they had fun going to the beach, taking Grandma to the hippy Saturday market, and seeing some of the sites. Ron had the 24 hour stomach bug first but being the sharing guy he is everyone else eventually got it but we worked around it. One of the things we saw was the tulip festival and the landscaping at that site. We were not on the ball and did not get many pictures of this site, but shown above are a couple. We did have a nice trip in spite of the challenges!

Sue has a birthday!

Sue was surprised when 4 of her 5 brothers and 3 of her kids showed up one week later than her birthday. Ron finally got a surprise on her. She received some nice gifts and just a few gag ones. This is barbecue sauce, not sauce of another kind.
She got a real kick out of the card picked out by Ashlee!

She is a true classic and likely the only classic (car or otherwise) that Ron will ever see. But she is such a classic that he could not want for more!